From A Heart Full Of Gratitude

“First, desire for everybody what you desire for yourself, and he sure to take nothing from anybody without giving a full equivalent in life; and the more you give the better for you.

Then move out in the absolute faith that all you need for the fullest life you are capable of living will come to you.

Pray with unfaltering faith to the Father that it shall come to you, and thank Him in every prayer, from a heart full of gratitude that it DOES come to you.

Everything that comes to you then will mean more life to someone else.

Each gain you make will add to the wealth of someone else.

What you get for yourself – life – you get for all.

Your success adds to the life, health, wealth and happiness of all.”

Wallace D. Wattles

About the Author

Wallace D. Wattles

Wallace D. Wattles lived the pages of the books he wrote, which is exemplary, especially considering the word at hand! He's the Man behind "The Secret". Really, new thought is not new, Wattles wrote his books in the early 1900's! Knowledge should never be suppressed, humankind will advance once we aspire to do so, together, in The Certain Way.

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